This is Making the Nature Scene.

Because god only knows you need another music review blog.

We (I say we – Simon did it, I didn’t do jack shit) tried this first with Stereo Sanctity (stereosanctity.wordpress.com/) a couple of weeks ago, then we found out Stereo Sanctity was the name of another music blog already, and, since the thought of two no-name web writers scrapping over their site name was too pitiful to contemplate, we picked another Sonic Youth song name and started again.

I don’t even know what ‘Making the Nature Scene’ sounds like, I just brought up an SY Discography and googled song names until I found one that wasn’t taken. Wait…

OK, I’ve had a listen – it’s on ‘Screaming Fields of Sonic Love’; it’s basically lots of No Wavey- drumming, Kim yelling, and a solo that’s clearly just Thurston Moore going nuts with a drumstick. Good times. OH HEY! Into the Groove(y)’s on this CD too! Ace.

We are Simon and Liam. We work at the Cube Microplex in Bristol. Liam is in the band Arctic Circle. Simon’s yearly expenditure on music is greater than the GDPs of some small countries.


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