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September 10, 2008 at 12:42 am (Uncategorized)

Elbow win the Mercury prize, a much overrated, uncared for award that M-people won back in the day, and often regarded as a good way to kill a career, which would be rubbish, because elbow are very good.  tho i dont own their album wot won in

(ps im just putting this kind of stuff in to get more traffic coming through my site.  sorry if you got lured in, but feel free to peruse the rest of the toss that ive written.  wow, that will draw you in wont it!!!)


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September 9, 2008 at 4:29 pm (Uncategorized)

now, im not one for publishing “news stories” on this blog, because im about as cutting edge as a sheathed butter knife.  However, when one of my favourite bands do some interesting, i feel like replicating verbatim the press replace from Matador records, the new home of alt supergods, Sonic Youth.  No more are they on Universal subsiduary Geffen (worse than starbucks?) but now a more indiefied land. 


From Matador Records:

“After rampant speculation, Matador Records can confirm the label will be releasing a new studio album from Sonic Youth sometime in 2009. Having fulfilled their contractual obligations to the Universal Music Group, Sonic Youth recently reached an agreement with Matador to release the band’s 16th album of new material in all worldwide territories, save for Japan.

While Sonic Youth’s status as one of the more innovative and influential bands of the past 30 years needs little explanation, the group’s most recent recordings for Geffen — 2006’s ‘Rather Ripped’ being their final for the label — rank amongst the current decade’s best. For Matador, the opportunity to work in partnership with a group who’ve made such an profound impact on our roster/hometown/collective consciousness was one to jump at. Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley will commence recording the new Sonic Youth LP/CD this autumn and we look forward to sharing further details in the very near future.”

Most recent in 2006? pah.  well yes, for Geffen.  But SY are a bit more productive than that.  maybe ill have a round up some day…

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2007 was a year. all of it. apart from May the 15th

January 3, 2008 at 1:05 am (Uncategorized)

OK, so, in accordance with everyone else in the world we (well, I do, I dont really know what Liam thinks, but im prepared to talk for him. Its easier) are presenting our END OF THE YEAR REVIEW 2008. 2007 even. Yes, i know that its 2008 and we should be looking onwards, and upwards, but ive been eating mince pies and drinking wine all christmas, and also dont have a release schedule for next year either, so i cant do much about that. sorry.

Anyway, I think my 2007 actually started in 2006 (well, musically anyway) because i went to my first ATP, curated by personal hero Thurston Moore. I originally just went because of my love of sonic youth, but two things (three?) were presented to me – “Noise Rock” and i suppose the Magik Markers. Noise rock, you say? is that even music? Better men than me have asked that question – see bob down the pub. However, i believe it is, and i spent a lot of this investigating it further. Part of this was done via ecstatic peace ( http://www.ecstaticpeace.com ) which is Thurston Moore’s record label – home to The Magik Markers, 16 Bitch Pile Up, and more gentle contemparies such as MV + EE, who almost released a classic rock album this year…!! and i loved it, and Be Your Own Pet. The Magik Markers
( http://www.myspace.com/theemagikmarquers ) had released a load of cdrs (now fairly darn hard to get hold of. believe me, ive tried. not even peter nolan himself has any) then toured with the Youth, then got Lee Ranaldo to produce Boss… (my album of the Year!!! Huzzah!) they produce loud, no-wavey distorted guitar, with Elissa attacking the guitar with drum sticks and such alike (though, tragically, apparently she can play it now) and improvising lyrics over the top. songs reguarly lasted 20 odd minutes. Their Latitudes album is also fantastic, and more representative of their earlier sound than Boss. it will be interesting to see where they go this year…

I also discovered No Fun Fest ( http://www.nofunfest.com ) who are the ironically (maybe not for all) titled record label and music festival based in New York ( i really really want to go to this. But its hard to persuade people. Do you want to Fly to New York for some NO FUN!!?!??! er, no, thanks is often the answer). They released the C.C.C.C. 4 cd box set of their early work, which really is Japanese Noise rock at its most White Noiseliciousness. its fab.

Great noise rock albums i heard this year, regardless of when they came out
1. Sun Baked Snow – Boris & Merzbow
2.Basalt Fingers – S/t
3.Consumer Electronics – Nobody’s Ugly (though Wire compared it to watching jeremy kyle…??)
4.Any of the 150 albums Thurston Moore has released, including 20 this year (Volcanic tongue, the record shop released on very good one – Dream/Aktion Unit – Blood shadow rampage. buy it now!
5. Yellow Swans – at all ends (sounds almost my bloody valentiney, but not.

I hope this has persuaded you at least to check it out. Fuck Buttons also signed to ATP records, and released a single – bright tomorrow, which is kind of restrained electronic noise building to a climax. They are one of the few noise bands that dont use guitars. (nb, guitars do rock! Dont worry!)

Yeah, so if you want to here about what actually happened this year check http://www.drownedinsound.com or something, where you can here about how battles rule the world (they arent as good as don caballero) and animal collective (slightly dissapointing live). Sonic Youth playing through Day dream nation (whoo!) and mono live (gig of the year! if you dont like noise rock check out some post rock, im telling you!! explosions in the sky are playing in january and also curating an atp in may, so post rock will be in your face! learn all about it now! (future post maybe liam?)

And the Book “Our Band Could Be Your Life” made me listen to a whole lot of bands – Beat Happening, Husker Du, the Replacements. 80’s alternative rock for the win!

So, albums of the year?

1.Boss – Magik Markers
2.Outside the Academy – Thurston Moore
3.Liars – s/t
4.Lets stay friends – Les Savy Fav
5. In Rainbows – Radiohead (probably. i only bought it today. im rubbish at these kinds of lists)

oh!!! I got to see slint live this year too!!! fathers of post rock
And everybody, Foals are shit, listen to The Edmund Fitzgerald if you can. so so so much better.

Have a good 2008!! I hope we do. though im sure no one will still be reading us.

update: i fucking forgot Trans Am – sex change, and Surgery or the Bomb – best bristol band ever.  not that im biased.  and of course artic circle.  And me and liam are going to be in a band too.  just wait till i have some talent

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December 7, 2007 at 12:47 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, myself, Liam and about 5998 other people are going to Butlins, Minehead today for the Portishead curated All Tomorrows Parties!!! Huzzah. Bands to look out for – Team Brick on before Aphex Twin on the main stage, Thurston Moore performing songs off his new solo album, and of course Portishead, playing new songs from their forthcoming album…


So, a quick review…. Kling Klang started things off for me on a friday afternoon, and started it well. Uh, kind of Krautrocky? But good anyhew, and a hell of a lot better than Sparklehorse. Now, we all like the horse of sparkles round here, but playing “solo” only for the second time (the first being at the cube! go us!) he really didnt hold the crowd or sound at all like fun. Get your band back dude! Glenn Branca then made a racket with 8 guitarists, including Thurston Moore, who then ran (maybe not literally) to the Pavillion Stage to blow us away with material from trees outside the academy. with an accoustic guitar. aha. and a violinist.


(ahem, stock photo anyone?)  Surprisingly sounding unlike sonic youth, i was too far away to touch him. though i might have died if i had. I pity the people that missed him becuase they had to see Portishead on Friday and not Saturday. John Parish, blah, but then Chrome Hoof unexpectedly blew me away, with their silveryness and damo suzuki guest spots.

Saturday arrives, and Oneida start the day well (i know i already used this phrase. bothered) even though the guitarists amp blew during the second song. Liam had strong words to say about their set up… Malcolm Middleton played the same set as when he supported Mogwai at somerset house, and instead i went to see the GZA perform Liquid Swords. Sweet. the opening sample from some martial arts film always sends a shiver up my spine, and the new wu songs he played at the end rocked as well. Glenn Branca played again, this time with a double ended guitar and his wife, and while their song was good, paranoid critical revolution were poor, and food was searched for.


in prepartation for…

Portishead. they didnt dissapoint. while beth wasnt the most chatty of performers, old songs and new were rapturously received, though they didnt play that song off portihead (al the stars? sadface) but what can you do? Watch Om, half of sleep as was, suck until they turned up the volume. But wheres theguitar? And go to bed, after Apex Twin (now with 70% less hair) sucked quite hard. boring boring techo.

Sunday, and we didnt win the pub quizz, though i won some other people some goodies, so i did my good deed for the weekend, and its a relaxed start to the day (after watching Crybaby, Johnny Depps film debut) before Boris, Earth and Sunn O))))…

Boris, or BORIS (depending on how they are feeling) were great, though particular shouts to the guitarist with a double necked guitar, and the drummer who waved a lot and had a giant gong. They were in more of a garage rock mood this time (feel free to contradict me on this point. or indeed at any time) though this was good, as it prepared us for…Earth, playing their american doom rock. its all very different round Scott Carsons way since the days of Earth 2 and that E.P. he did with Kurt Cobain on vocals. Nowadays, intriguingly, their sound (supllied by a full band) sounds like a doooom americana. And the thing is, its more that they play very intricate songs, but slowly rather than just loud droney rock. Wich is what Sunn O))) do, very very well, and indeed LOUDLY. Delayed by a fire alarm going off, i can only feel sorrow for the workers of Butlins, and then laugh in their faces, as they completely fail to comprehend the LOUDNESS of the robe clad guitarists, and the mumblings of a man dressed as a tree (allagedly the singer of Mayhem). I could feel my clothes vibrate and by the end was still slighlt deaf, even though i had been wearing earplugs. And they had a fight at the end, which apparently involved somone punching Stephen O’Malley in the face. What more could you ask for?


Team Brick threw in a virtuoso half hour set in afterwards (shockingly the first time i had seen him play, even though he is forever drinking coffee in the cube. can you please pick up that name that i just dropped), and the Aphex came on again. blah de blah.

P.s. the other great success of the weekend was not eating chips the entire time. And finnegans cheese and onion pasty was small and shit. i might have to go to burger king next time : (


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Formed a blog

December 1, 2007 at 10:23 pm (Uncategorized)


This is Making the Nature Scene.

Because god only knows you need another music review blog.

We (I say we – Simon did it, I didn’t do jack shit) tried this first with Stereo Sanctity (http://stereosanctity.wordpress.com/) a couple of weeks ago, then we found out Stereo Sanctity was the name of another music blog already, and, since the thought of two no-name web writers scrapping over their site name was too pitiful to contemplate, we picked another Sonic Youth song name and started again.

I don’t even know what ‘Making the Nature Scene’ sounds like, I just brought up an SY Discography and googled song names until I found one that wasn’t taken. Wait…

Kim Gordon

OK, I’ve had a listen – it’s on ‘Screaming Fields of Sonic Love’; it’s basically lots of No Wavey- drumming, Kim yelling, and a solo that’s clearly just Thurston Moore going nuts with a drumstick. Good times. OH HEY! Into the Groove(y)’s on this CD too! Ace.

So… I guess you should come back when we’ve put some stuff up.

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