Bristol band gig review thing. Local review for local people

September 15, 2008 at 10:06 pm (Reviews) (, , , )

And, now that im thinking about it, there were only about 10 people there, so this really is a minority group review.  Think yourself lucky you lot, most reviews are done for hundreds, if not thousands of people.  The combined number of people that saw the gig and read this review is, probably, under 20.  Hmmmmm.

Anyway, enough of this, I want to review, like Ive never reviewed before (well, meaningfully?…er, no).  It was a dark and stormy thursday night, Bristol was, maybe unsurprisingly, under a torrent of rain.  All that we had to protect us was the surprisingly cheap (at on only £2) gig on at Mr Wolfs, central bristol.  Put on, i believe, by ingue records ( ) what option did one have?
First up were line, local post rockers, who have a natty range of brass instruments in their ranks, along side three, thats right, THREE guitarist.  They work very nicely, producing slighlty understated, slighty finger pickeringy ambience, and while the brass could have maybe done with being slightly better mixed in, overall a good job done.  Could the following two bands follow such a good opening set?

Wasp display, unfortunately, couldnt.  Trying to offer some kind of doom, metal rock meted out by Shellac or surgery or the bomb (hi guys!) It didnt pick up or excite at all.

Finally Hreda came on,  apparently a band from Oxford, but im from there, and ive never heard of them, so maybe their lying.  They certainly couldnt have formed in the last two and a half years, they were far to fucking good for that…… he, thats right, Hreda came on, took Line’s gauntlet and said, lets rip this place up, big style.  The three piece band played some pretty sweet post/maths rock rythms that we all loved (all 20 of us).  And interestingly their ep (check out the myspace) is more sweeping than their pretty don caballero esque live set (though,oh ,Look!  they are supporting don cab in oxford.  hopefully they will blow them away, now that don cab arent that good any more.  oh come on, who listens to world class listening problem over any other one of their albums??????  no one.  thats who).

So, cheers ingue records, looking forwards to the next gig.


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