Growing (non) Pains

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Ah, so, Growing have a new EP out, this time on The Social Registry ( )  having previously released a couple of albums on the mighty Kranky.  I have no idea why they didnt stay with them, but hopefully it was their decision, and not just a dumb move by the boys at Kranky, because as this EP shows, they still have plenty of creative juices that need expurging all over the drone scene.  After the His Return EP that came out a while ago, Growing come back, however, this time it isnt all loud aural soundscapes and what have you (their first album ky runs into the sea, lulls you into a sense of security before you realise that, actually, its REALLY FUCKING LOUD).  This time, stuff actually happens in their songs!  OMG!  While i realise this might actually be seen as slightly not really being drone (i mean, look at Sunn o))) for a band that stick with what they are good at) it does mean that you have to listen to it, rather than sitting back and letting it wash over you (though, feel free to do that if you wish).  And yes!  They have vocals!  And everything!  Well, apart from drums.  Or bass.  Or anything like that,   but there are vocals for sure!

So they come in more obvious waves of sound this time.  You have peaks and troughs, taking you on some kind of boat journey of blissfull guitar sound (there are sounds on the last track that almost sound like seagulls) (go figure).   Its almost a suprise everytime you hear a riff, because you are so used to prolonged guitar feedback from their previous releases.  But this is only a good thing, as how many times can you realese albums like that before you run out of FX pedals for your guitar to make it sound new and exciting?  We all know what happened to kevin shields now, dont we!

A lot of the other reviews i found while googling for the image all talked about ambience, but i feel that they have moved slightly away from this tag, and making something a bit more adventurous, and maybe making something a bit more epic in the process?

Whatever, I know for a fact that I am going to see them support Boris on tour, and that they are going to be very very good.  See you there?

This album rates higher than another album that i like slighty less


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Masami Akita A.K.A. Merzbow at Moers Festival 2007

Well, he might not, because he is probably quite a nice man. I dont know, I havent met him. Let me look him up on wikipedia a second (i am actuall doing this, though you wont be able to tell, because the way this works, it will look like i wrote it all in one go. i cant do much about this, except ask that you believe me. PLEASE)

So,  tells me he is 52. to old you say? Well I say NO way daddy o. The king of noise, as i like to call him, could easily take on that other dude, michael jackson, in the fact that he is still producing kick arse music, is relevant, and hasnt had any court proceedings bought against him (guilty or not guilty. as far as i know – which isnt very far i spose)

So, anyway, im listening to this: and it is really rather good. As we all know, noise music is rather niche market. My housemate would say, it isnt really music. but we all know better. Recorded live at the NO FUN FEST (oh, i will go to it one day) in Brooklyn new york, produced as wikipedia tells me by some laptops, this takes your music and breaks it over your mothers face. More dense than some of his previous albums (such as merzbear) and a lot louder (though i might just have my stereo turned up…) the 40 odd minutes mutates and evolves, taking and idea, fucking around with it for a bit, then spitting it out when the flavour has gone. there was a nice bit at about 18 odd mintues, but it soon got dicarded in favour of some more filthy filthy noise. fantastic.

So, it might not have like, rhtyhm, or indeed vocals, but you are not here for that. You are here for a man on a mission, ooooh yeah.

Dig it.

I reward this album square out of circle

Merzbuddha cover

MERZBOW UPDATED – I just got Merzbuddah on Important records, and it is hella good.  The first thing that you notice is it that it has a beat!  A kind of throbbing, loud bass line that could be merzbows heart beat, pushing the energy round the track.  Then you notice that there is a kind of wall of white noise over the top, but you only notice it once it has stopped, when everything suddenly goes very, very quiet.  Its not Merzbows normal, all out sonic assault, but it really is vert good.  It makes up for me being unable to by merzdub (well, for less than 20 english pounds)

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